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VidIQ Review: Grow your YouTube Channel with VidIQ and Earn $1000 Monthly

Are you Uploading Good Videos and struggling to get visitors to it ?

I am a YouTuber from last 5 years and many different channels. I struggled to Publish and to get traffic on my Videos on YouTube. It also gets annoying to set SEO for Videos to get traffic. Today we talk about one great tool for YouTube video SEO called VidIQ. I am gonna show you the full review of it and how it works.

I have explained some of the good Tricks to Earn $1000 monthly from YouTube.

Uploading and Publishing a Video to your Channel doesn’t solve your problem. There is no automatic way to get Visitors on your Video without doing any pro job on your Video. I find very difficult to get views on my videos and wondering ‘Is there something that I doesn’t know about to get more views ?’.

Creating great content on YouTube is only half the battle to growing your views and subscribers. If you want your videos to rank well and be discovered by, or suggested to, other viewers you’ll need to know how to research the best keywords to maximize your titles, descriptions, tags and Playlists, and understand what your competitors are doing to win. – by VidIQ

6 month back, I came across with VidIQ – a YouTube Optimization Tool. By using it, I came to know some beautiful method to optimize my Video to get Views on different Keyword. All I knew, where I was lagging behind and what was preventing my Videos to get more views.

The VidIQ is basically a Crome Extension Tool for YouTube Publishers. It helps Publishers to reveal data like Keyword, Titles, Descriptions, Tags etc about competitors videos on YouTube. It helps your Videos to set good keyword which really works and help to get more views. More views to your Video means more money you make from YouTube.

Today, I am gonna discuss about VidIQ and also share some awesome tricks to use it. VidIQ will help you to get your Videos higher views. You would find that your channel is growing day by day and your income also. I am using it from last 3 years and I find awesome results on my Video views. I recommend every publisher to use it for your channel growth also.

One of my Videos got 20,000 views in just 10 days after I update some of the VidIQ recommended Keywords and Tags. It improved my rating from 4th search page to 1st Page at 6th Position.

VidIQ is an Enterprise Level Tool. It is YouTube Certified audience development and Management Suite comes in Google Crome Browser Extension. It is available freely with Basic Features for all newcomer publishers. It is also have Pro Feature plan with nominal Price for Pro YouTubers, Brands and agencies.

VidIQ provides end to end solution and assist YouTube Publishers at all steps of workflow starting from making a Channel, Uploading Video, Competitor Analysis, Keyword research, Keyword suggestion, engagement analysis etc. Simply if I can say, it improves SEO of your YouTube Video killer way which boost your video’s rank and views in short time.

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How to Grow your YouTube Channel with VidIQ ?

VidIQ Review - Boost YouTube Video Traffic
Credit: Crella

VidIQ is available Free with Basic features for Individual Publisher like you and me. But if you are a digital marketing agency or you want to start your YouTube channel as a ProYouTuber, then you should go for VidIQ Premium plans available from as low as $7.5 per month.

Most of us are aware and do some basic SEO on our video like setting up a Title, Description and some keywords. This is very common and all YouTubers do this as a common practice. But it doesn’t solve your problem. There are many more thing to do to make your video more engaging, search friendly and to get it ranked. VidIQ is the best tool to do so. It would help YouTubers to improve the visibility of any Video on YouTube and Google Search.

How to Download & Set up VidIQ ?

Installation of VidIQ to your Crome Browser is very easy task. Follow this simple steps.

  • Download VidIQ Crome Extension from Crome Extension Web Store.
  • Once you Install it, you see some logo at your Crome page right side as shown in below image. Sign Up for the first time. I had already signed up so it shows my dashboard details.
VidIQ Signup Installation
Credit: VidIQ

That’s it. Now visit your YouTube Channel and brows any Video. You ding some of the good analytics and inside details of Videos which you couldn’t find in normal YouTube page.

About VidIQ Widget on YouTube
Credit: YouTube

I have just browse YouTube and found one top Video on Sachin’s best play and open it to look how Publisher optimized this video. You can see on the right side VidIQ widget. It shows all the insider details of the video like Views per hour, score, channel subscribers and most important is Video Tag.

It will also help you when you are going to upload your Video on YouTube. Just define title and keyword for your Video. VidIQ would automatically recommend you some of the best Keyword on which your Video can rank higher.

These are available on Basic Free VidIQ subscription and it is lifetime free. If you are new to YouTube, start with Free VidIQ subscription.

Create Free VidIQ Account Today and Boost your Video Traffic

Why to use VidIQ Premium ?

Below are some of the VidIQ Pro user review and feedback you would be interested in.

1. Tim Schmoyer: Subscribers: 483000, Video Views: 39.5 million.

‘ vidIQ Vision will help you learn what’s working on YouTube and what’s not so you can make your channel even better.’

2. Chad Wild Clay: Subscribers: 8.23 million, Video Views: 1.93 billion.

‘VidIQ helps me in many ways. One is their Video Boost which finds the most relevant keywords and tags.’

3. Andru Edwards: Subscribers: 189000, Video Views: 53.7 million.

‘The VidIQ plugin is one of my essential tools for success – I can get a full audit of how my channel is doing with a single click.’

4. Derral Eves: Subscribers: 565000, Video Views: 52.1 million.

‘The channel audit tool is something that I love because it literally puts all of your key information in one place.’

5. Evan Carmichael: Subscribers: 1.95 million, Video Views: 281 million.

‘I use VidIQ every single day to help my YouTube channel grow. My favorite feature is the trending videos in the sidebar.’

There are many more such Pro Publishers use VidIQ and Earns a lot money by boosting their Video on YouTube.

There are 3 Premium VidIQ Plans. VidIQ Pro Plan starts from as low as $7.5 per month. VidIQ Boost plan starts from as low as $39 per month. There is one another plan called Enterprise which is available for large enterprise for bulk services.

Create Free VidIQ Account Today and Boost your Video Traffic – Register Free or Premium Plan and start using it as explained above.